piwikTracker.setRequestMethod('POST') behaves differently on different browsers?

Hi there,

I’m quite new to piwik but I already like it a lot.

I’ve been testing it in the last couple of days, and all was looking fine, until I noticed that some browsers (Firefox, IE) don’t seem to get tracked at all… Investigating through firebug I notice that the request to piwik.php is using GET despite the fact that I explicitly set piwikTracker.setRequestMethod(‘POST’); in all places in my code. Chrome seems to work fine and do a POST, but somehow FF and IE seem to ignore this??

I’ve asked Hostgator to whitelist my domain, but I wonder if anybody came across a similar issue?

Are you making a cross-domain request?

The website is on www.domain.com and piwik is on piwik.domain.com

I also tried setting the domain and cookie to *.domain.com, but it doesn’t appear to make any difference.

This is a cross origin request. Setting the cookie domain won’t change that.

Afaik, it should work with FF 3.5+ and IE 8+.

Thanks for clarifying vipsoft. We still want to track older browsers, so this is a limitation. Luckily the hostgator support managed to whitelist the piwik server from mod_security, so it’s working with GET now too.

Perhaps it’s worth a short mention on the documentation though?