PiwikTracker.php data missing

Hi All, been working with Piwik only for a short time, but really liking it so far. One of the ways I am using it is with a Flash widget that I’ve made. I implemented it with a PHP script that uses PiwikTracker.php. The problem I am having is that my custom data and titles and so forth aren’t showing up where they are suppose to in the Piwik analytics reporting. For example… it shows all of my page views, but page titles are all set as “page title not defined”. I even tried making the title hard coded in the php file just to see if it was a var issue, and I also echo my response back to Flash to make sure the vars are getting through. Also the same for goals, I can see that it tracks my goals perfectly, I have 2 setup… but I can’t see where the rest of the info is… such as the goal value or “revenue” as it’s called. Also, my custom data is no where to be seen… the type that is an array from the examples. Any suggestions? I use rackspace cloud as my server.

Page titles should be URL encoded and passed as variable action_name

Goals will only be tracked the first time they are converted for a given visit, so for your testing I recommend to set visit_standard_length = 1 in your config file (to force a new visit on each request)

Custom data is not supported yet. You can pass it of course, but it will not be processed (it is displayed as an example for custom plugins that could be built to aggregate it).

Let us know if after experiencing more you still have issues.