Piwik with PostgreSQL?

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i am a little bit confused. The current version of Piwik seems to support PostgreSQL databases. At least i have found some files named pgsql.php. But at the installer, i am not able to choose something different than the mysql adapter. Is there any way to enable the PostgreSQL support?

Regards, Dennis

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Not yet. It’s still a work in progress.


Hi everybody,

Is there any news about progress ?


Up ?

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There is no progress and this is not on the TODO list by the core dev team.


I’m interested to use Piwik with Postgresql too !

Right now, the only reason why i’m still using Google Analytics is because Piwik don’t support pgsql…

Is there any chance to use piwik with alternatives databases soon ?

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Actually it’s on my todo list, but it’s a pretty long list. =P


It’s not important if we have to wait !
It’s already very good new to see that it will be possible one day !

Thanks you very much !!


To all people who are waiting for postgresql support, you can found pretty cool stuff here :

Hope this will be add in the master branch soon !


Hi everybody !

Any news here ?

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There are many discussions int he Piwik-hackers mailing list: http://lists.piwik.org/pipermail/piwik-hackers/2012-July/thread.html


Hello Piwik Team!

I’ve installed Piwik on my server. I didn’t find possibility to set up instead Mysql another database. Does Piwik support PostgreSql for example?

Thanks a lot.

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see our feature request Provide Postgresql support for Piwik · Issue #500 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub