Piwik with J2EE application


I want to use piwik with the website of our companie wich is in J2EE, but i have a problem :

i haven’t authorisation to put piwik server’s on line, so i can’t acess to piwik from outside ( in other words JS script can’t find piwik server )

So do you have any solution to execute the JS script and recover the result in a servlet and use it with piwik.

I hope i was clear.

Thank you.

If your Piwik server is not online, then it is not going to work??
Maybe you can use tracking API? Tracking API - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Of course that it’s not going to work, because the client can’t call to piwik’s files (piwik.php).

Piwik server will be only in localhost. and I must call it from a servlet, so client can’t call directly piwik server, he must transit by my webapplication wich is in J2EE.

Perhaps the (currently under development) Piwik Tracker Java port would be a solution in your case: Java Tracking Client V1 - PiwikTracker.java · Issue #2172 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub
So tracking could completely be handled on the backend side and there would be no need to directly contact the piwik installation from client machines. Or did I miss something?

yes that’s right !

After having analyzed this solution, i found that the JSP trake page is not updated :s (with the last version wich is on SVN ).