Piwik werkt niet

I just downloaded and installed Piwik put hte script in the right spot in my pages and than…
Nothing happens. If I don’t switch on the donttrackme-cookie I’m the only visitor and that can’t be. I’ve another site where Piwik does okay (I hope), at least it produces figures. The two sites are both with 5.1.3 php-version, so that can’t be the problem.
What could be?

There must be someone who knows (see earlier post).



Try the troubleshooting tips. With your given information there is no way to tell what’s wrong.

My problem is that I installed Piwik on two sites at the same provider and using the same computer (and its settings) on the client side. Inserted the javascripts in due place. Result: 1 Piwik is functioning the other not. So I won’t find anything in troubleshooting (why should I?). I tried to re-install the lot several times, but with no result: it does not track anyone (just myself for the first time). So, what can I do?

Can you send me the link of the installation / website where tracking doesn’t work? (via PM)

Inserting POST-line seems to work for some sites. Bedankt zover.