Piwik Vs Google Analytics

Before you read this post, I am clearing that I am asking this question from the perspective of SEO and Digital marketing. Not a general difference. I am a web designer from UAE. I have been working for a web designing agency in UAE since 2014, and we always used Google Analytics for web traffic monitoring and analysis. Recently I heard about Piwik, which is a new thing to me and to my fellows also. What kind of analytical tools Piwik actually is. What are the main differences in terms of SEO and Digital inbound marketing?


You can find more information on the website: What is Matomo? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

The main advantages of Matomo are:

  • Open Source
  • Self Hosted (and therefore you have full control over your data)
  • privacy compliant

If you have more questions, just ask.


Hi Sarah, I am also working in one of the web development companies in Dubai. Actually, Piwik is the old name of Matomo software. Actually, its an open web analytic platform. The main difference between Matomo and other analytics tool like google analytics is that Matomo is installed in our server and we can enjoy its full control. We can access the details very easily and it can be used in our websites, mobile apps, software apps etc. Matomo gives full data without any simplification or filtering. Matomo gives almost all features like other tools, but is much more flexible.

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I am so impressed with Matomo that I have already resolved to donate to its further development as soon as I have an income stream of my own.

As a start-up who is afraid of Google and has no desire to leave the fate of his company in its hand, I am simply thrilled that Matomo is offered for free to those who have the time to learn, but little money to purchase.

If Matomo has one important drawback, then it is the helter-skelter nature of the documentation and the confusion in terminology. On the bright side, however, there is plenty of sample code and with a little bit of thought and experimentation you can nearly always pierce through the confusion.

I recommend installing the standard event tracker on a few pages just to get started. The reporting is automatic, and it will help get you off to a good start.


p.s. What does your being from the UAE have to do with Matomo? Matomo is available to anyone who has the ability to install and use it.