Piwik views the installer after migration

A few days ago i migrated my website from one server to an other. I copied all files an the database 1 to 1 with cp -rp. The file system user-id an the rights are the same. The database has the same username and password.

When I now go to de piwik, it views me the installation wizard. Why? The configuration files are exact the same… How can I configure that piwik uses the existing database and configuration.

Thank you for your help.

You forgot to copy the file piwik/config/config.ini.php from your previous Piwik to the new server maybe?

I copy the whole directory with

cp -rp /mnt/mount-from-old-server/path-to-piwik/ /new-path-to-piwik/.

But thank you, I looked more closely at the configuration files. I found something confusing. The information to connect to de Database are written in the global.ini.php and in the config.php. Is that a fault? Do I need two configuration files?

Thank you.

global.ini.ph comes with piwik

config.ini,php only should have your DB details