Piwik user interface new design: Give your feedback!

(Matthieu Aubry) #1

We published the mockups for the new Piwik design in the blog post at: http://piwik.org/blog/2010/05/piwik-user-i…-your-feedback/

Please let us know here your comments: what do you like? What could be improved? What do you think of the colors?


(Beatgarantie) #2


first of all I have to say that I really like the new drafts.

Some points to be mentioned:
-would it be possible to have two calendars in order to be able to compare periods?
-it would be fine to have a horizontal date slider below the main graphs?
-perhaps some orange for the calendar… style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif
-maybe also a input to specify the period directly
-is it possible to give the “example widget” a fixed height? At the moment bigger widgets destroy the menu
-very nice widgets footer
-nice searching input

all in all thats a nice new design. Can you provide examples of new graphs?

Really good work!

PS: there are some design failures on the blog page (IE8)…


Heuh!? Beat, i dont know what you saw in thoses images but this is just a new skin for Piwik and a really great one (although blue is my favorite color), no new feature would be added with this.

Custom periods are something that is already planned, i think, but it’s a separate thing.

In a MVC app like this, it’s how things are done.

Anyone could make all sort of skins for piwik, changing color and fonts (and more), without changing any Piwik functionalities. Sure, someone could make a so bad one that the app become unuseable but… when support for multiple skins will be added…

Erf, i have trouble expressing this in english, sorry.
I didn’t intend to sound harsh or anything.

(Beatgarantie) #4

for me this is not only a new design draft. I think that it also improves usability. Okay, there are no new features but a faster, nicer & cleaner appearance of Piwik and this is imho also some feature for me style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif

do you also plan to change the admin menu? I think for the future it would be nice to have maybe a vertical menu (like GA) because plugins will have more settings (pdf export, settings, forms) etc. and will need more space.


Not a bad idea to do some work in the setting section, although some has already been done.

I’m not sure about the vertical menu though because all other menus of Piwik are horizontal.

But a vertical menu even in the main section could fit nicely with a skin that could have only two colunms of widget instead of 3 (my dream, since in french some strings are way larger…).

But this need multiple skin support so it might take some time to become a reality, if ever.

(mictes) #6

What about user-created pages which can be switched by using tabs ?
So the content of the current Piwik page can be divided into smaller, much clearer pages ?!
This would be a good feature!

btw: registration on the piwik-forum here is a torture…

(JeG) #7

Really like the new drafts, too. Hopefully one can download them, soon, as a new skin would almost definetly improve handling and customer acceptance of that great tool.

(jOoL) #8


It is a really good idea to spend time on the user interface. There was a few problems in the design that led to errors.

For example, someting that I don’t know if it will be corrected, is the way Users and Websites can be edited.
All along the Admin interface, we can save changes by clicikng on the “Save” button. Except for the Users and Websites settins, where we have to validate changes by clicking on the green button (see attached image). This is really confusing, and as I don’t access admin area each day, I forget this. And it happens all the time that I loose my changes by clicking on the “Save” button instead of the green one.

Regarding the dashboard, I like the new menu, especially separating the website chooser from the rest on top.

Someting looks strange to me: Why the buttons “Add Widget”, “Date Range” and “About Piwik” aren’t on the same level (on second menu line instead on second and third) ?? This is a waste of space, and not logical.

I consider strange to get the date selector on the left hand side of page. I don’t know why, but I’d expect to find it on the right (maybe because of Outlook, or Wordpress)? Also, I think the choice of using radio buttons for perdio selector is not the best. The search field has a really nice Web2.0 look, these radios look really old-fashion. A nicer solution, based on the same principle but with a better design would be welcome. I agree with the suggestion of having this period selector directly accessible from dashboard, without entering the calendar.

I don’t like shadow effect on widget titles.

I would have put more red colors instead of brown, espacially that this brown is not used in Piwik Logo. Use of logo’s colour would be better.

This is a good job and nice improvements to come. I am looking forward to test it.

Thank you for letting us participate. I hope that my english is ok, and that you could understand my comments.[attachment=1471:piwik.jpeg]

(tux.) #9

Not sure if the mockups are just ugly taken, but somehow the new layout looks quite bloated to me…

(slippyy) #10

Hmmm I actually like this design…maybe a slight change on calender, diff color.

(Matthieu Aubry) #11

[size=18pt]UPDATE, NEW DESIGN![/size]

Check it out at http://piwik.org/demo-trunk/

what do you think?

known bug: widget selector on Widgets page broken.
do you find any issue?

(Beatgarantie) #12


I love the new design… very fine! Thank you!

just three small things:
maybe more contrast for icon hovering below the graphs.
do you have any idea how to reduce referres overview width? In German each row is too wide.
perhaps show close symbol (x) for the widgets only on hovering the heading.

(Dan) #13


I like the design of the installation page more than the more brownish of the actual piwik…is there a way to install the installation skin as my default??