Piwik update to matomo doesn't work

(Kiran) #1


I was using an older version of matomo which was called piwik and after update, the UI gives me the below error.

# A fatal error occurred

Please contact the system administrator, or [login to Matomo](http://rndwww.nce.amadeus.net/piwik/index.php?module=LoginLdap) to learn more.

If you are Super User, but cannot login because of this error, you can still troubleshoot further. Follow these steps: 
1) open the config/config.ini.php file and look for the  `salt`  value under  `[General]` . 
2) edit this current URL you are viewing and add the following text (replacing  `salt_value_from_config`  by the  `salt`  value from the config file): 


Also i see this in my error logs,

PHP Fatal error:  Class 'Piwik\\Plugin\\Settings' not found in /data/piwik/plugins/AnonymousPiwikUsageMeasurement/Settings.php on line 22

Could you tell me how to fix this and any related doc you have that i can follow to fix the issue?
Please help asap.

Thanks in advance.

(Fabian Dellwing) #2

Please save your config/config.ini.php file and than replace everything in your piwik folder with a fresh install (https://builds.matomo.org/piwik.zip). Afterwards copy the saved file back.

(Kiran) #3


Do you have any documentation that explains how to do so?
I want to retain some of the plugins i installed from marketplace, so how do i approach towards this one?

(Lukas Winkler) #4


explains most of it.

Either copy them over afterwards (every plugin is just a folder in plugins/) or download them again from the marketplace.

(Kiran) #5

Thanks for your prompt response. you can close this ticket. I will open another if i face any issues.