PIWIK - Typo3

i am new with piwik and typo3 but it would be very nice, if anyone would give me further advice.

i try to install the piwik plugin (Piwik - web analytics, new API (piwik) ), by copying the files into the /piwik/plugin/xxx/ folder. but what is the right name for the xxx folder?
and in wich file do i have to put the following lines:
config.tx_piwik {
piwik_idsite = 1

is there maybe a detailed manual for the piwik plugin? or does anyone have some experience with typo3 and piwik? and can give me some advice?

This plugin wasn’t done by the piwik guys, so you will need to contact the plugin author for support. I’ve never used it so dont know what could be causing the problem…

The experience you are missing is a basic understanding of how to install and setup an extension in TYPO3. It’s really very easy. Without wanting to be disrespectfull - but I guess it would be best if you’d first try to set up a webpage using TYPO3 before tracking your (probably not yet existing) visitors. You should learn anything you need to know by then. After all you don’t need that extension as it doesn’t do anything else but adding the piwik-code to all webpages of your project. And I’m not sure if the piwik-code is still the same as it was when the extension was written. So you could as well install piwik as usual and add the tracking code by TypoScript and a marker in your template file.