Piwik tracks more interaction than impression on images



We just started using Piwik, we are using version 2.14.1.

It has been working sparadically - initially all tracking seem to work; then it stopped; then new tracking data started showing up again, but it seems that some impressions or clicks are not registered.

We have encountered these situations:

  1. Page 1 -> Page 2 -> Page 3: there are 3 ads on each of these 3 pages. We have a tester clicked on every ad on every page; however, the impressions seem to have been registered, but not the clicks(interactions);

  2. there are more interactions than impressions - which is not possible; so it seems somehow that certain impressions are not registered.

Has anyone encountered the same or similar situation?

We did not encounter any error in setting piwik up; and when I log into the admin area, do “System Check”, eveyrthing is green.

The software is very sparadic amd random; sometimes it seem to work; but other times it clearly doe snot work, when it shows more clicks than impressions; and in many cases, it does not register anything.

Any suggestions?