Piwik Tracking for Android and IOS

Is there any roadmap for Piwik Mobile Analytics,Last update on this was in 2013.

I am planning to this for Mobile App tracking where the Data will be sent back to the MYSQL, from where i can analyze the visitor for my mobile app.

Need to know is there any plan for new release or the one which was released beta was the last.

Hello Ameeth,

Overall the iOS SDK should work fine and is currently used by many app developers. However it is true that it hasn’t been updated in a long time. We are currently looking for a new maintainer for the iOS SDK. Maybe you would be willing to participate in the project?

Hello Matt ,

         Yes i would be intrested to be part of . is the version which is avaliable for IOS and Android is good production deployment. 

       Can you give some clarity on this.