Piwik tracking doesn't work in 2.16.1

Hi all,
I updated last week my Piwik in 2.16.1. Since this event, Piwik users’ visits are no more tracking. In my config.ini.php, enable_measure_piwik_usage_in_idsite is activated in [Debug] area, as before the change, and as indicated in some places in this forum, but nothing happend ! It doesn’t work ! Any Idea ? Is it a problem with these version ?


There were some bugs in early versions of 2.16.x (Don’t recall which ones had trouble). The latest version (2.16.5 at time of writing) appears to have fixed all of the bugs.

Hello Valdhor,

I found today that enable_measure_piwik_usage_in_idsite was replaced by plugin “AnonymousPiwikUsageMeasurement” since 2.15.
I was so happy to download this new plugin !
But, unfortunately, when I activate the plugin, I can read the following message :
The class \Piwik\Plugins\AnonymousPiwikUsageMeasurement\Updates_0_1_1 was not found in /[…]/plugins/AnonymousPiwikUsageMeasurement/Updates/0.1.1.php

Is there anybody here who has activate this plugin ?

Sorry, I have not used that particular plug-in.

I used the previous version of plugin (0.2.1 instead 0.2.2) and added some rights (775) to the directory of the plugin and its files. It works !
Resolved case.

… don’t forget to set the plugins (admin > settings > Plugin settings) and enjoy :slight_smile: