Piwik Tracker Proxy & New TLD`s

Hello everyone,

first of all thanks to the piwik community to create such an awesome tracking software for free. :slight_smile:

I have a strange problem and maybe someone has an idea what to do. I am using the method with “Piwik Tracker Proxy” from GitHub - matomo-org/tracker-proxy: HTTP proxy for Piwik’s tracker API. This script allows to track websites with Piwik without revealing to your visitors the secret Piwik server URL.. This works great for all CNO domains but for new tlds like .onl or .reviews I cant get it to work. As this is not odd enough it only doesn`t work with hostgator, with another host it also works fine with new tlds. When I am using the regular tracking from " Websites Management " it also works fine but I want to avoid that footprint.

I have already removed the website from settings and re-added a few with no luck, double checked the ID and also checked if the piwik code appears in the code.

To make it short, does anyone have an idea what the problem is with hostgator, new tlds and the "piwik tracker proxy"? I dont even have a clue what I could tell them as this is so specific.

Any ideas would be much appreciated,

Could it be that the DNS isn’t working for those new TLDs on the Hostgator server? I don’t know I’m shooting in the dark but since it works on one host and not the other, I’m guessing this could be something weird like that.

Could you try “ping” for those domains from the command line (if you have SSH access to the server)?

Maybe it’s best to ask the support of Hostgator.

Thanks for your reply. I don`t have access to SSH but I contacted hostgator and tried to explain the issue, they have no idea where to start and said DNS is not an issue here and I have to be more specific.

If I find a solution I will post it.