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Hello, I am a professional graphic designer and would of liked to contribute different theme mods for Piwik, however I soon realized that it wasn’t so simple just “Yet”. I already created a couple of custom themes for my own use.

I know this has been suggested before in a 2010 thread, but since then, few or no more updates about theming in Piwik. I am not a developer else I would of created a theming Plugin on the spot!

Perhaps, there is not enough demand for a customization plugin or some pre-built themes for Piwik. I guess I’ll just wait until someone here develops a theming plugin everyone can enjoy, until then, I’ll continue creating graphics for my own pleasure.

I will finish by saying I am eager to start contributing my work for the Piwik community and hope this thread will stay alive much longer this time around.

If you have interest in a theming capability for Piwik, leave a quick comment to let everyone know that you want this too!


Bernard, have you already modified Piwik CSS to create a theme? If your design looks good it might help convincing us to work on the theming capability. Definitely on the todo-list but I guess that we didn’t have enough designer interest.

I am working now on creating all the png’s of Browsers, OS’s, Plugins etc…transparent so this way they will All blend into any possible theme color… I’ll keep you updated and once I have something acceptable to show you, I will send it over…

Quick Question: Where do I go to edit the Widget’s white space and/or background in this example screenshot below of the Countries Widget text space? United States, Canada, Vietnam etc… white area and also Hover color. I made the background the same light blue color and in 2nd screenshot, you can see that I need to still find the white spaces where the links at the top are??..Anyone?


I am definitely interested in this too! Right now I am playing around to get that glorious Responsive/Adaptive magic in there to be able to use the site without an app :wink:

Would be nice to be able to at least choose a new theme so I don´t have to play around with core files! But perhaps I just didn´t find the right place to look…

Hans Roberto

i’ve been creating a dark theme using the stylish browser plugin to over-ride the default theme for piwik… that bypasses the php/upgrade issues.

tunist would you mind posting a screenshot of your dark theme?

sure, here you are… the colours are from the theme of my own site - i’m about 50% done i think… i haven’t altered the graphs and other elements yet… i’ve just focussed on inverting the main elements.
p.s how do i insert a hyperlink into my signature here? [url=] shortcodes don’t work for me…?
[attachment 1095 Piwik-dark-in-progress.png]

starting to look cool :slight_smile:

would be great to share the CSS once you are done, we might even make it an official theme later :slight_smile:

i need to reprocess all of the image icon files; if you would consider releasing versions of the images that have transparent backgrounds instead of white, the theming would be much quicker and easier to do. :wink:

please send us the new icons and we will include them

ah… so far i have not made them transparent… i have set some of them to a single dark colour. hence i was asking (without asking) your team to consider making transparent versions. - i would have made them transparent myself but i was using gimp/linux which is not so great at that.
i can make the transparent versions… i just don’t know when they will be done; there are many files and i am involved in many other ‘projects’. if your team produces them then i can focus on the css for the dark theme and it will all be completed more quickly.
otherwise i will eventually create them and share them here, yes.

@tunist, the theme looks very nice! It should be quite easy to convert all icons to have a transparent background. What icons exactly are we talking about?

i was thinking of all the icons in piwik… the multi-coloured folders… the search engine logos, the operating system icons, browser logos, device format icons… and any others…
most/all of them have white backgrounds presently.

i just uploaded a version of the dark theme to userstyles.org:

its not 100% complete - but enough to form the basis of a dark theme. :slight_smile:

Nice news! c

Btw you will be happy to know that we are focusing on making THEMING possible and easy, for Piwik 2.0. In a few months it will be super easy for you to add this theme to Piwik. in the meantime, ould you please post a few screenshots showing your theme? thx!

Piwik 2 supports theming. Please use Piwik from GIT. Then go to Settings>Themes> and try enable PleineLune theme.

For help on how to create themes, see: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/tree/master/plugins/PleineLune#create-a-theme-for-piwik

We are looking forward to seeing your theme!
(if you can send us a few screenshots it would be nice of you)

Hello, any thought about a full user/design refresh? The fonts are still a little small, and the visuals aren’t that modern and robust. Seems like there are only 1 or 2 themes to choose from