Piwik Terminology

Hi All,

I’ve made an attempt to explain the Piwik terminology. Could you please visit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aDMRcKwgenUS7mS0npG7qzBVPttb4e2yOuOFJoWK67Q/edit and check it out?

Although, I left the terms below without an explanation:
Distinct websites
Distinct campaigns
Distinct search engines
Distinct keywords
Average visit duration for returning visitors
% returning visits have bounced (left the website after one page)

What do you think about the doc?

Good work! did you notice that in piwik there is an included documentation in the product?

  1. click on a title there is an icon help (?) click on it it will show the report description
  2. also on all column names, hover over and the iinline help exlpaining the column will appear

Can you please look at these to improve your existing doc?

Also would you be interested to contribute this doc to create for example a new page in the Piwik doc? What are your thoughts?


Thank you so much for the comment. Well…I have written this doc just because I don’t see any help section in our Piwik so our clients could not see it (see the attached image).

I think that the best solution could be to download Piwik and install it on my personal site.

I would love to contribute to the Piwik community once the file is finished.