Piwik Table Engines (INNODB / MyISAM)

Hey there,
I just noticed that there is a mixup of INNODB & MyISAM Tables within my Plesk installation. I remember you switched Table Format quite a time ago … did there go something wrong with an Update so that my Tables are that mixed up? Or is this intended? Any Performance / Security Problems with this? (Not that I noticed some …)
See Screenshot …

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Piwik is using InnoDB as a default for quite a while. (The change was in 2014: Make Innodb the new default type for all new Piwik installations (VS Myisam) · Issue #4611 · piwik/piwik · GitHub)

But I think existing databases never got converted and only newly created databases are using InnoDB. If you want to (and there are some performance improvements) you can convert all existing databases to InnoDB (e.g. mysql - How to convert all tables from MyISAM into InnoDB? - Stack Overflow or manually in phpmyadmin)

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alright - thx … converted the MyISAM leftovers to InnoDB … :wink:

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