Piwik suddenly stopped collecting data

(Tom Lakutis) #1

I notice a couple of others have the same problem I’m having. Sometime after midnight last night Piwik stopped collecting data or at least that is the way it appears. All of the web sites associated with the installation show zero visitors, but everything appears to be operating correctly.

My host is HostGator

No JS errors are reported.

Database is intact and it still appears to be growing so I would have to say it is still collecting info.

I have replaced the Piwik installation to no avail.

Any ideas anyone?


Am having the same problem. 38 sites, all with no data and that ain’t right! Am also using HostGator.

Anybody else? Ideas??


My chat log with HostGator re: this same problem:

(9:11:06pm)Jonatan B.:I am seeing that there is a security rule being hit by the software I can clear this out for you if you wish me to.
(9:11:27pm)Phillip Crum:Explain it to me in English, please. Slowly.
(9:12:02pm)Jonatan B.:Its no problem
(9:12:26pm)Jonatan B.:It seems that the software Piwik is trying to do something that is consider unsafe, by default, but we all know its not so we can clear out this warning
(9:12:36pm)Jonatan B.:Kind of like a false positive on your Antivirus.
(9:12:55pm)Phillip Crum:Why all of a sudden? New setting last nite?
(9:13:59pm)Jonatan B.:No, they can be hit by any number of reasons and then they get blocked until cleared.
(9:14:26pm)Phillip Crum:Funny that many others are having the same problem simultaneously??
(9:14:41pm)Phillip Crum:How do I keep this from happening again?
(9:17:15pm)Jonatan B.:All we have to do is whitelisted and that will take care of it.

(Tom Lakutis) #4

You beat me to it I was going to do the same thing after dinner. I’ll just send them your conversation, thanks.

Whomever is in charge of progamming needs to talk to HostGator.

(Tom Lakutis) #5

Worked for me too and she added it to the log in case anyone else has the problem.

FYI: No data was collected while it was down so you will have hole in your stats.

Thanks Phillip.