Piwik stopped Logging after I fixed it

Alright I’m back again hoping some one will give me some help. Right this minute I am at a loss for what is happening. To give a little insight to my problem before…

I installed piwik and everything was going great. I foolishly protected my piwik install to local only access. This caused only my internal IPs to be logged and nothing from the outside world. After asking on the forums for help I eventually was going through my access.log file and realized that piwik.js and piwik.php were both being denied. I created an allow for only those two specific files (or so I thought) to be accessed by the outside word. Access log does not show anymore 403 Forbidden thrown on those two files.

Turns out I misconfigured my nginx conf file and I was allowing more than just those two files. Good news I fixed that by reordering certian blocks. The files come through with http 200 responses but my logging has stopped. I went searhing for a better way to do this and I come across this post: Using .htaccess to restrict access Which is the same thing I did! Minus the robots.txt for now and I did not use any password protection. Just local access only for everything but those two files.

Well, I have good news friends!!!

As I was writing this post I figured out my own problem. I also though maybe someone else could get some use out of my scenario… So I posted it anyway.

If you read the post above and you are racking your brain like I was let me give you the answer.

I allowed the two files and they were accessible to the outside world, but I have went to great lengths to keep things protect. So be default php scripting was diabled in there current location.

:sunglasses: dang I though… Why didn’t I think of this sooner. I added the nessicary configurations to make this work and TADA!

It works!

Long story short, if you guys have a question I’ll do my best to help you work out your problems. Sometimes it just takes an extra set of eyes.

Thanks everyone!