Piwik Step By Step Tutorial

Hi guys,
I have written a step by step guide for the installation of the Piwik script.
Please take a look: http://www.autho-rity.info/2009/08/08/piwi…allation-guide/

If they are any errors, please let me know.

Thank you! I actually wrote OpenX last week about their tutorials, and was looking for a good Piwik tutorial. I’m interested in tutorials without all the fluff and I’m eager to take a looks so heading there now. Thanks again!

Had to run back to say it is an Excellent tutorial. I’ve grabbed the link to share with others.

Did you find any mistakes or errors in the tutorial?

Nice sharing. I’ll take it as a references. Cool~

Hi! It worked well for me. At first, I had a hard time installing the application but it turned out to be a connection problem.
Anyway, it really helped me a lot so thank you for the post. I’ll share this with my colleagues.

Regards! style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif

Great tutorial, thanks. Will put a link to it on my blog.

Thanks. Hope it was useful to beginners.

Yeah, it seems great.

But i’m sorry i have to say that normally you dont have to open ZIP files to extract the files it contain. Or is it just me ? What i do : i grab the file icon using right mouse button, drag it a bit, release the button and the context menu apear offering me a few extract options. I always choose to a sub folder so my desktop doesn’t become cluttered with the new files (it’s already cluttered enough, lol).

Keep up the good work.

Hi TV,

I am sure that there are quite a number of ways to extract the files. The tutorial is just one example.

The tutorial was very comprehensive. I was able to get things done so easily. Thanks a lot dude.

rod, you are most welcome.