PIWIK skips part of the URL while reporting

(Pradeep Jutur) #1

While reporting URLs , PIWIK skips the part of the URL that is between app domain and # part.
For example here is the URL that is sent to piwik by the tracking java script

url=.xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ

But the reported URL is

.xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ

If you observe “/app/search” is missing in the reported url.

Anyone faced this kind of issue , Please help me out …

(Kuba Bomba) #2
  1. go to .xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ
  2. open web browser console (network tab)
  3. refresh the page
  4. copy the tracking request (the one that hits /piwik.php resource)
  5. paste the result here

This should allow us to figure out if it’s connected with the js tracking code or with the tracker logic.

(Pradeep Jutur) #3

Here is the tracking request that is sent to piwik.php

(Kuba Bomba) #4

Looks good. I was not able to reproduce it with same tracking request. It basically works for me, see: