Piwik showing 0 visits for about 1/2 of my sites

First, I’d like to say thank you vor Piwik! I’ve been using is for some time now, and love it.

I have however developed a problem lately. Sometime during the last 4 or 5 days, 1/2 of my sites have stopped reporting into piwik. Here are my details:

running piwik 1.1.1 (autoupgraded when the new version came out)
I’ve got a VPS at servint, the piwik server is local to all the sites being reported on
about 140 sites on the piwik install
Running phpsuexec and mod_security

So, when I go into my piwik install, some sites are fine, and work perfectly, but about 1/2 of them report 0 visits on the “all websites” view. When I go to that domain to view it’s stats, I get a “loading” message, the screen seems to refresh once or twice, then I’m redirected back to the default site, as if I had just logged in.

Any ideas on how I can get everything to run correctly again?


That’s interesting - can you please PM me your piwik url, login password and bug description and how to reproduce?

I just took a look, and it appears that my database is about 2 gigs in size. Could this be part of my problem?

I have also noticed that if I go into one of my broken sites and change the timezone then I am able to view the site in piwik (when the site is broken, the stats page never loads, but after changing the timezone, the page will load, but stats are missing for the last few days).

I believe I’ve found part of the problem.

For some reason, half of the files in my /tmp/cache/tracker folder were owned by root. The working sites were owned by the account name.