Piwik showing 0 pageviews

Hi, first time posting on here so I’m sorry if the topic is already covered, I’ve done a search and can’t see anything quite like what I’ve got happening.

I’ve been running Piwik for over 2 years now on about 40 websites and all has been great. I update regularly and try to keep on top of any issues I notice but generally speaking the updates have been pretty good for us.

I’ve got a problem that’s crept in since 9th October of this year however. Visits are being tracked and keywords etc all appear to be logged correctly for all the sites but for some reason the pageviews are being listed as 0. There doesn’t seem to be a decrease in the visitors being tracked so I can only assume that’s working fine, but pageviews is 0, no matter who visits, how long they’re on or what they do.

I’ve checked this on the mobile app and that too reads 0 pageviews and it has happened every day since the 9th October.

We are running version 2.8.0 and updated to it yesterday, I can’t remember when we updated to the previous version but we did update to the version before 2.8.0 so haven’t missed any update releases out.

Just seems very strange, not sure what to try.

I’ve checked the error log and there is nothing coming back, I also don’t have any cron jobs running the archive, that happens in the browser.

Kind Regards,

Make sure you setup the archiving script as per: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

in case you still don’t see data after setting up cron and running it once, check the logs for this archiving process.