Piwik sends email from localhost instead of fqdn

Piwik sends email from localhost instead of fqdn

Hope someone can help as I do not know what triggers this:
Link in the email:


formerly this was:


I’ve checked Piwik and the Ubuntu Server installation but I am not finding the reason for this issue, run Piwik for more than a year (with about the same configuration, and a new installation) The rest of the server is running fine apart from this issue. Email dns ftp websites etc. I’ve tried mail settings in Piwik they did not result in a solution. Network name settings en php settings are the same as the former installation.

You can set this in your config.ini.php file. Just add:

noreply_email_address = “noreply@fqdn”

Oh, just looked. You’re wanting the link to be updated. Hmmmm…There MAY be a config property for that. I just don’t know it.

Piwik is using the correct email address, only the lookup for links ends up at localhost and sent from localhost instead of the fqdn
This is not a mayor issue but would be nice and easier if resolved.

It also states in the email:

Verzonden vanaf https://localhost/.

Sent from https://localhost/.

In config.ini.php

I set:

trusted_hosts[] = “www.fqdn”

defaultHostnameIfEmpty = "servername.fqdn"
noreply_email_address = “noreply@fqdn”

When sending an email using a php script on a local website, it sends from www.fqdn like piwik did before.

Only other thing I can think of is the hostname set in the Apache (Or your server) config.

Hi, @Seb_Boffen! I’m having the same issue here. These are the links I found related to this problem, but it seems there is no solution yet…

Piwik Issue #5250 - HTML email reports: Links to Piwik and Icons not working on HTTPS (IP address used instead of hostname) which will take you to Various bugs when using SSL and/or a reverse proxy · Issue #6880 · piwik/piwik · GitHub and When the page is loaded over HTTPS but Piwik thinks it is loaded over HTTP, explain in a notification how to solve issue · Issue #9145 · piwik/piwik · GitHub

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