Piwik Report Visitors and Pages


Thanks so much for the Piwik product…the report widgets, ease of use, and the customizable REST api are my favorite features.

That being said, our customer has asked for a long list of reporting requirements and the following is a list that not sure if Piwik can handle via the standard report widgets or if we would need to develop new widgets on top of the piwik db api’s.

In no particular order:

  • Return Visitors (for a specific period)…so far some of our log fed sites are showing no return visitors which is not possible?
  • Most Popular Links (page may have many links to it…so top links)…think could do this with goals or other custom onclick javascript
  • Error Reports (404, 500, …)
  • Top Paths (for website or a page) and related to this a histogram of “click path length” for a page
  • Anti Goal Report…e.g. how many searches without clicking on search results
  • Top Internal Search Keywords

Also, looking to tie visitor to cookie or http header to support recognition of our login process.

Thanks for any suggestions !

All these features are included, please search first…