Piwik registers 2 visits, Webalizer 100's

I have been recommended Piwik as a replacement for a native solution that was clogging up my database. I felt I needed more control over visits in an independent way. At the same time I can use it to monitor multiple site in one database.

Thing is the Piwik solution does not seem to track all visits/hits. I am using both the online stats via webstats.conram.com and the mobile app. The webalizer stats are available via Usage Statistics for homeworldshots.net - Summary by Month

So, I am guessing this is a configuration thing for Piwik, but in a system check all is green.

The monitored server is running PHP: 5.6.27 in a Linux environment.

Trying to find out how this works. If a simple ad removal app can block the Piwik Javascript, this solution does not seem to be very reliable if it works clientside only.