Piwik Proxy issues

Like another recent poster, I requested support through professional services (about a week ago) and was never contacted. I’m having issues setting up Piwik Proxy to hide my server URL.

After going through these steps, no visits are being logged whatsoever.

Edit - I finally noticed the site ID was not present in my tracking code. I’ll update this tomorrow if the problem has been resolved and Piwik now logs my visits.


Just as an aside, would it be a good idea to disallow the piwik.php file that includes our server URL in our robots.txt file. It seems Google could still discover a footprint amongst a large site portfolio with all sites containing the same piwik.php file (and included server URL).

After testing with both Statcounter and the Piwik proxy hide URL code, it looks like Piwik is still not picking up visitors.

I’ve gone through the instructions as closely as possible, even picking up an error I made in my first setup attempt and I still can’t get it to work.