Piwik Problem - Piwik_Log_APICall::log() incompaible

A long time ago i installed piwik, and sometimes i check the statistics.
After a long time not visiting the piwik-panel now I got following massage:

Declaration of Piwik_Log_APICall::log() should be compatible with that of Piwik_Log::log() 
in '/www/htdocs/USER/DIR/tools/piwik/modules/Log/APICall.php' at the line 52

#0  Piwik_ErrorHandler(2048, Declaration of Piwik_Log_APICall::log() should be compatible with that of Piwik_Log::log(), /www/htdocs/USER/DIR/tools/piwik/modules/Log/APICall.php, 52, Array ()) called at [(null):0]
#1  Piwik::createLogObject() called at [/www/htdocs/USER/DIR/tools/piwik/modules/Piwik.php:873]
#2  Piwik::createLogObject() called at [/www/htdocs/USER/DIR/tools/piwik/modules/FrontController.php:311]
#3  Piwik_FrontController->init() called at [/www/htdocs/USER/DIR/tools/piwik/index.php:54]

So i cann’t see my stats …
I don’T know why …

Im not shur whitch version i installed.
the piwik.php file says:

 * Piwik - Open source web analytics
 * @link piwik.org
 * @license /licenses/gpl-3.0.html Gpl v3 or later
 * @version $Id: piwik.php 568 2008-07-22 22:34:48Z matt $

and the index.php file says:

 * Piwik - Open source web analytics
 * @link piwik.org
 * @license /licenses/gpl-3.0.html Gpl v3 or later
 * @version $Id: index.php 539 2008-06-29 22:05:21Z matt $
 * @package Piwik

is there a way getting piwik working again with the old statistics already collected ?
or do i have to delete and reinstall a new one?

you should update to latest release: http://piwik.org/docs/update/#manual

[quote=matthieu @ Jan 5 2010, 12:05 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

you should update to latest release: (ext link]Backup your configuration file

Replace the Piwik files

Please make sure the new files overwrite all the old files with the same names[/quote]
hmmm should i also overwrite the config files ?
or what?
how should I handle that, thats the question …

Depending on the version you’re upgrading from, it’s often safer to rename your piwik folder, and unzip the new release into a fresh piwik folder. Then copy your old config file over.


mv piwik piwik.bak
unzip latest.zip
cp piwik.bak/config/config.ini.php piwik/config/.

finally got:

Critical Error during the update process:

Error trying to execute the query 'ALTER TABLE `piwik_log_conversion`
				CHANGE `idaction` `idaction` INT(11) DEFAULT NULL'.
The error was: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'idaction' in 'piwik_log_conversion'

Do you recall what Piwik version you were running prior to the update? The log_conversion table was added in 0.2.27, so the 0.4.1 update shouldn’t fail.

Please go into mysql and execute the query:

DESCRIBE piwik_log_conversion;

I need to know if the table exists and what is its structure.

And also execute the query:

SELECT * from piwik_option WHERE option_name = 'version_core';

Im not shure witch version.
i think i installed it in 2008 at the end of the year.
the date_registered from the anonymous-user says: 2008-08-19

DESCRIBE piwik_log_conversion;

Host: localhost
Datenbank: DB_NAME
Erstellungszeit: 06. Januar 2010 um 17:13
Erstellt von: phpMyAdmin 3.2.0 / MySQL 5.0.45-community-log
SQL-Befehl: DESCRIBE piwik_log_conversion;
Zeilen: 18 

Field 				Type 			Null 		Key 	Default 	Extra
idvisit 			int(10) unsigned 	NO 		PRI 	  	 
idsite 				int(10) unsigned 	NO 		MUL 	  	 
visitor_idcookie 		char(32) 		NO 	  	  	 
server_time 			datetime 		NO 	  	  	 
visit_server_date 		date 			NO 	  	  	 
idaction_url 			int(11) 		YES 	  		NULL 	 
idlink_va 			int(11) 		YES 	  		NULL 	 
referer_idvisit 		int(10) unsigned 	YES 	  		NULL 	 
referer_visit_server_date 	date 			YES 	  		NULL 	 
referer_type 			int(10) unsigned 	YES 	  		NULL 	 
referer_name 			varchar(70) 		YES 	  		NULL 	 
referer_keyword 		varchar(255) 		YES 	  		NULL 	 
visitor_returning 		tinyint(1) 		NO 	  	  	 
location_country 		char(3) 		NO 	  	  	 
location_continent 		char(3) 		NO 	  	  	 
url 				text 			NO 	  	  	 
idgoal 				int(10) unsigned 	NO 		PRI 	  	 
revenue 			float 			YES 	  		NULL 	 

(`option_name`, `option_value`, `autoload`) VALUES
('version_core', '0.4', 1);

If you installed the latest version at the time, that would have been 0.2.9,

I think I know where the problem is. The quick fix for you is to run this query:

update piwik_option set option_value = '0.4.1' where option_name = 'version_core';

thanks, ist now running again style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif !