Piwik problem in Hosting Hourb.com

The Piwik configuration file (config/config.ini.php) is not writable, some of your changes might not be saved.
Please change permissions of the config file to make it writable.

Hourb hosting has Version 1.6 and cpanel not 11. The other cpanel

Write to me the steps to fix it…

with your FTP or Cpanel, do CHMOD 644 config/config.ini.php

Please specify step by step because i am not a programmer…

I will try walking you through this using my cPanel. If your version is different then maybe this will give you a general idea how it’s done through cPanel.

1 – Log into your web hosting provider and open cPanel.
2 – Go to the “files” section of cPanel
3 – Select the “File Manager” item to open the files of your site
4 --Open the folder where you installed Piwik. If you used the default it should in a folder called "Piwik"
5 – Open the "Cosub-folderfolder
6 – find and select the “config.ini.php” file. Do not open the file just select it
7 – Look near the top of the cPanel and click the “Change Permissions” icon
8 – A window will open where you can change the permissions

Save your work and you’re done.

This is how it’s done with my hosting provider. If yours is different and you can’t figure out what to do from these instructions then call your providers help number and maybe they can walk you through.

Good luck