Piwik Pro tag manager

I am rajni (a beginner). I am working on Piwki pro trail version and what I want is to find or save some tags according to the content and each tag is associated with which content and which user has viewed that content.I have put that tracking code and analytical dashboard is showing changes, visitors, and hits, but the thing is I am not understanding the tagging and content management part. I have no idea of them as i am not finding any tutorial for that as well. can you help me with that?
If you can help me with some tutorials about tag manager so that i can get a good knowledge about tag, variables and triggers with their parameters.


You are commenting on the forum of the open source software Piwik.

The company Piwik Pro has nothing to do with Piwik apart from the fact that they are using Piwik and have the rights to use the name Piwik Pro. See also here:

If you are having issues with their software (Piwik Pro Tag Manager is not open source, but their commercial product), you will need to contact their technical support.

I thought both are the same parent company, anyways thanks for this information.

Small addition:
The “parent company” (if you can call them as the open source project is completly independent) is Innocraft which is founded by core piwik developers.

Hi everyone,

we have just released the Free Open Source Matomo Tag Manager. Learn more about this powerful new Tag Manager here: Free Open Source Matomo Tag Manager now available as a beta - Analytics Platform - Matomo

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