Piwik PRO Keeps Expanding, Raises $2 Million

How do you think this will influence PiwikPro and the community?

Piwik PRO is not related anymore at all to Piwik. PP hasn’t contributed anything to Piwik in almost one year since we left the company… They don’t even contribute minor patches to Piwik core.

Anything Piwik PRO will contribute will be welcome for sure but we don’t expect anything in particular except that they will develop more paid products for their customers…

See Piwik PRO vs Piwik - Analytics Platform - Piwik

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Hi Matt, thank for clarifying that! I’ll admit I hadn’t seen that FAQ and I was confused when I saw those news.
I hope some of that funding will help cover infrastructure costs, not sure how the separation was handled in that regard.
I know Mozilla projects that “depart” Mozilla Corp. get clearly separated and handed over to the community but some stuff is just best left untouched (like this forum) once installed and running.
I wish you the best with InnoCraft, having more choice is always good :slight_smile: