Piwik pro and drupal module installation


I downloaded and installed the matomo drupal module (https://www.drupal.org/project/matomo)

I am trying to connect my piwik pro to the matomo drupal module.
But, the Matomo site ID field allows me to enter (aproximately) 20 character and my Piwik pro site id is on this form :

Do you have any idea?
Is this drupal module compatible with piwik pro? or do you know which one is?

My Drupal version is 7.43

Thanks for your help cheers.


As neither the drupal module nor Piwik Pro is maintained by Matomo, I’m not sure how I can help here.
Maybe you can persuade the authors of the module to allow adding non-numeric side-ids.

But that seems not that likely considering that they just seem to have changed it the other way around: