Piwik.php wait time around half second on any page load


I could not find any reference for speeding up a page load when about piwik tracking code, piwik.php script in particular. All references I found were about admin interface of Piwik.

When testing page load time, piwik.php shows wait time 490 miliseconds in one case (single VPS, two sites, Piwik is in its own installation) and 700 miliseconds in another case (fast shared hosting, piwik is a part of the site).

How can this be optimized so less wait time is experienced?


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,

One trick is to disable the Provider plugin from Piwik. can you disable the plugin and try agin?


Thanks for the suggestion.

Unfortunatelly, that did not help.

I used Website speed test

Thank you