Piwik performance questions


Im looking to buy a server just to host Piwik and then from that central server i will track all my clientes websites hosted on different servers and locations.

I have some questions, regarding piwik performance / hosting setup, and i really appreciate if someone can give advices.

My questions:

1- Does the distante from Piwik Server to the tracking website server does mather in terms of loading page speed. For example is my tracking website is located in Europe and Piwik server is in USA will my website loading page get slower?

2- I will install Piwik on a central location in order to track websites from around the world. So do you think that if i use a CDN Network will io achive better results (by saying better results i mean good page loading time)?

3- Is it possible to have Piwik in a load-balance using shared-ips in order to have a redundant network? Is anyone using Piwik in a load-balance way?


1- of course, loading piwik from the US on a EU website will result in slower load times
2- CDN will help indeed
3- yes loadbalancing is in use for Piwik, with a single Mysql master, you can have as many piwik.php as you like (even you can setup mysql replication/cluster)

Hello matthieu,

Thanks for your responses. :slight_smile: They where very useful.

1- So in a simple way, every time a user around the world opens a website that is being tracked by Piwik it will have to make a connection to Piwik central server, correct? So If my Piwik central server is located far way, the user experience opening the tracked website will be slower, correct?

Note: Im just talking abount the user experience opening the tracked website. Im not talking of the Piwik user area.