Piwik opt-out: Switching to SSL; styling iframe height

there are two questions about including the opt-out iframe in page.

If opt-out page can be switched to SSL-secured version (https://…), opt-out is only working for non secured page, Opt-out switch is not responding on SSL-secured page.
URL of opt-out page can be switched by php between SSL and normal version like, it results in:


I know: Cookie must be set twice to avoid tracking of SSL-secured AND normal version.

How to enable opt-out for normal AND secured site?

Iframe is embedded with:

<iframe frameborder="0" style="width:100%;[b]height:115px[/b];" src="... <p>How to make the height dynamic according to iframe’s content?</p> <p>Thx for any hint…</p>

Thanks for the report. We haven’t worked on these yet but you’re welcome to sponsor these improvements: contact http://piwik.org/consulting/ if you’re interested!