Piwik only counts with www



I have the following problem:
Visits on my page are only counted if the visitor comes with www at the start of the url. If the page is called without www the visit is not counted.

In the configuration it is said that it is not necessary to differentiate URLs with or without www. But if I call my page without www there is no javascript in the source code. If I call my page with www the javascript is there:

this is what I placed in the typo3 template:

page.config.tx_piwik {
piwik_idsite = 1
piwik_host = http://ksv-berghausen.de/typo3conf/piwik/piwik/

I hope someone can help me.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

This is maybe a typo3 extension issue. Of course, your JS code must be in ALL pages (www and without) so Piwik can track them.

(vipsoft) #3

You might want to set up a redirect from your www to your non-www (or vice-versa), for SEO purposes.


I tried the redirect and everythings fine, thanks