Piwik not tracking all Visits



This is my first message in Piwik forum

After reading good comments and ratings of Piwik,I decided to install it on my server. But Piwik is not giving me
correct Ananlytics data. There is huge difference in Piwik visits and other Analytics visits like AWStats.
I am using Piwik javascript method for tracking.

As compared to AWSstats, Piwik visits are very less for example for 6000 visits in AWStats,only 15 visits (70 actions)
in piwik. I know AWStats counts all hits which includes php, js, Image, So I have created a custom PHP interceptor on my site
to get actual pageview counts and found Piwik visits/Actions were very less for example for 2070 pageview in custom interceptor
and 90 actions in Piwik

My Hosting Environment:
we are using a load balancer with two servers and database is hosted on other server.
Loadbalancer randomly redirect users to any of the server. There is an auto syncing
from server 1 to server 2, but there is no syncing from server 2 to server 1.

Below are the solutions I have tried

  1. I have enabled piwik settings in Load balancer environment like session path save in DB,
    files syncing, force SSL, tracker cron.
  2. Disable syncing from server 1 to server 2.
  3. Installed Piwik on only one server and redirected all request for piwik from server2 to server 1.

Now after doing all these I am not able to understand Is this the server environment issue or Piwik Issue.
Please suggest what best I can do to resolve this issue.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Please upgrade to latestRC release which fixes an issue: 301 Moved Permanently


Thankyou Matt!
This issue is resolved now, It was due to IP restriction rules I added in htaccess.

Piwik is a nice tracking tool (tu)