Piwik not recording any data on new install -

Hi All

Installed piwik successfully on

Godaddy, shared, linux/apache hosting account,
not on Godaddy root domain, on one of the domains pointing to subfolder


loads fine, but piwik GUI shows no data for all reports all dates inc today

I am familiar with mysql and the only table recording anything are


I have read the whole faq on piwik not recording, no show, for me anyway
I’ve installed piwik many times

Help please

you’re not the only one.

why doesn’t PIWIK have online support?

where can i locate the tracking code from piwik? i can’t even find the damn thing. very user unfriendly.

Ern tracking code can be found

After you’ve added a website, goto

Settings -> websites -> view tracking code

Its ok , I sorted it

Firefox with the latest avg(it comes with donottrack) is not being tracked, hmmm

does this mean that all those folk with firefox and avg are not being recorded?

According to


webstats are allowed by default. Are they not recognising piwik ?


I wanted to reply, and say thank you. I was able to finally locate the tracking code. I will now see what I can do about implementing it. The gantry framework, makes things very hard, when using it, with wordpress. Have you ever heard about this problem?