Piwik not counting stats since upgrade from 2.15.0-b12 to 3.0.4

Dear all,

I had a previous version of Piwik (2.15.0-b12) and upgraded using the Web interface to the latest version (3.0.4).

I got a list of SQL errors while upgrading (it might be that one, but I haven’t saved the error messages, so I don’t know)
I followed the instructions, which was to manually execute the SQL requests, and which I did with an eventual success.
Then I re-run the upgrade and eventually, it said “upgrade completed”.

Since then, the interface is fine (it says 3.0.4), I receive daily digests as before… but strictly no stats are being counted :frowning:

If that can help, my Web hosting service is OVH.

Thank you for any help!


can you check if there is a request to https://piwik.example/piwik.php when you visit your website and if this request returns no error (in network tab of developer tools)?

Dear Findus23,
Thank you for your answer (and sorry for the delay, I just saw it now).

I am not entirely sure to have understood the operation: I opened the “Development tools” > “network” tab (in Firefox), then opened my Web site.
I see plenty of requests to various elements of my Web site, but I cannot see any request to my domain hosting my piwik site :frowning: (I opened a Web site the domain of which is different from my Piwik domain)
I also disabled “Do not track” (although I’m not sure this has any effect on the request??)
So why is no request sent…?

Hm, that’s hard to guess from remote. Maybe also check if you get any error in your Javascript console. (Also in the development tools)

Is it possible for you to send me a link to the website as a message, so I can test it?

Thanks, for the message.

The tracking code seems to be correct and working. But when it is trying to send the data to the server (piwik.php) the server responses with 500 (Internal Server Error)

So somewhere while processing the request and PHP error occurs.
Can you look into the error.log (it should be available at your hosting provider) and check the error.

The problem was finally solved :raised_hands:

I had to reinstall everything: note that overwriting the files (as I first tried) didn’t solve the problem; I had to delete everything (except config/config.ini.php), and upload a fresh version of all Piwik files again.
So I don’t exactly know where the problem came from. But it seems now statistics work correctly.

A big thank to Findus23 for his support (including numerous private messages). :+1:

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