Piwik - Monitoring Local Intranet Website


Hello All,
Does Piwik supports analytics for local intranet websites?
I installed piwik and tried to add a local website.
I added the javascript (piwik) in the pages of the local website as well.
I am sure that the local website is accessed by everyone, but I dont
see any visits count.
Could you please suggest where I went wrong ?


(Tassoman) #2

This thread is in the wrong forum BTW I try to reply:
Is Piwik inside the intranet? the tracker is reachable by other users inside the intranet?
if Piwik is installed outside in the interwebs and the intranet is behind a proxy did you configured the X-Forwarded-For http header?

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Sure it’s possible please see Web Analytics for Intranet portals - Analytics Platform - Matomo