Piwik Mobile Problem - When viewing visits by time

I noticed on the iOS version of Piwik Mobile, when you click on either “Visits by server time” or “Visits by local time,” it orders the hours by quantity rather than by time. On the full web version, these values are correctly ordered chronologically so you can see a progression from 1h to 24h.

It makes these two features very difficult to use, and it breaks the graphs. Only every third data point on the graphs are labeled, but when they are not ordered chronologically it is impossible to know the values of the two data points in between the labels. For example, my graph right now shows 19h with the most visitors, then ?, ?, then 15h, then ?, ?, then 20h.

Anyway, these seems like a pretty glaring problem and it ought to be fixed. Let me know if this needs clarification.

Hi David,

thx for your feedback. I can very well understand your change request. Unfortunately, at the moment we won’t implement this cause Piwik Mobile works very generic. It just uses the Piwik Metadata API and displays the received data. It does not know whether it currently displays a report about Page URLs or a report about “Visits by server time”. BTW: The graph has always the same order as the statistics list below.

I unterstand it’s difficult to use and I’m sure we’ll change this behavior in the future. But not in the next few months. We have to do some changes on the Server side first.