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for many years i used piwik/matomo and i had no problems, all the years.
Than there was a change to the cloudflare cdn and the problems starting. Wrong counts of visitors from daily 500-1000 to 20-40 visitors/day and so on. Okay i checked all messages “cloudflare” in that forum and i have disabled my piwik/matomo database and deleted the matomo-script.

I have than installed the Wordpress Matomo, but the same problem with the visitors and so on.

So i have checked the problem at cloudflare and someone has told me to use google analytics with the cloudflare app g-analytics (insert the main-website and all sites). Why?

So i installed g-analytics (without the cloudflare app) on my website and WP Matomo was running too.
And at both analytics same statistics, same problem. Hell, where has all gone my visitors :slight_smile:

Some days later “after checking the statistics”, i have activated the g-analytics app (and inserted my website and all other sites, puh) on cloudflare and a day later… ooops. Now the visitors get visible. I can not realize why the code snippet with cloudflare get no function, but that must be the problem.

I was so sad to deactivate piwik/matomo. Is there any solution in sight? The dashboard and some other functions are so much better with matomo.

best regards, Michael


Do I understand that you put your Matomo instance behind cloudflare?

My guess would be the following:
Because then from Matomo’s point of view all visitors are coming from the same IP address and therefore have to be the same and therefore you are seeing to few visitors.

You can configure Matomo to look at the HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP header for the original IP address.



no. i use the plugin wordpress-matomo, so all my sides got the matomo-code-snippet.
i use the cdn cloudflare (pro). When cloudflare is activated, visitors are no longer evaluated correctly.

best regards, Michael