Piwik make site more slow


I have a site, is it kqbd, I’m now using Google Analitics but some time my site was slow due to Google Analitics.

My question is, if I change to Piwik , is it better ? I think Piwik not so much users using now maybe it fast, but Google have alot server also some time slow.

With bro has exprerience pls advice me.
Thank you.

Piwik should work well for you, maybe give it a try and see if you like it and how your server is handling it.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your advice, you right, Piwik so good, I try several days to see how…


Believe me! I had a wordpress site. Since the switch to Piwik. I feel much better. Piwik very good

According to my observations piwik less cargo site in comparison with Google Analitics, but it is better to do a real test in your environment.