piwik_log_visit is full -- how can I delete with SQL queries?

I am trying to upgrade our Piwik version. Server admin sent this error:

[i]Error trying to execute the query ‘UPDATE piwik_log_visit SET config_browser_engine = IF (config_browser_name IN (‘OP’), ‘Presto’, IF (config_browser_name IN (‘SF’,‘CH’,‘OW’,‘AR’,‘EP’,‘FL’,‘WO’,‘AB’,‘IR’,‘CS’,‘FD’,‘HA’,‘MI’,‘GE’,‘DF’,‘BB’,‘BP’,‘TI’,‘CF’,‘RK’,‘B2’,‘NF’), ‘WebKit’, IF (config_browser_name IN (‘KO’), ‘KHTML’, IF (config_browser_name IN (‘NS’,‘PX’,‘FF’,‘FB’,‘CA’,‘GA’,‘KM’,‘MO’,‘SM’,‘CO’,‘FE’,‘KP’,‘KZ’,‘TB’), ‘Gecko’, IF (config_browser_name IN (‘IE’), ‘Trident’, ‘’)))))’.
The error was: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1114 The table ‘piwik_log_visit’ is full

It says that table is full. That DB is 133GB and you have only 35GB available on the server, that DB is going to end up maxing out the server.[/i]

I can’t login to Piwik to delete old data… so I think I’m going to need to do it by hand. What queries can I run to delete old visitor logs? I’d like to keep the aggregate numbers, but the unneeded specific information I don’t need.

Hi there,

maybe it works for you to setup Piwik to disable old data? see: Managing your database’s size - Analytics Platform - Matomo