Piwik Log in issue , Form security failed

Hi ,

I facing the issue during the piwik login, some times i am receiving the below error and unable to login , after multiple atttemps i am able to log into the piwik , please refer the attchment for the error.

Form security failed. Please reload the form and check that your cookies are enabled. If you use a proxy server, you must configure Piwik to accept the proxy header that forwards the Host header. Also, check that your Referer header is sent correctly.

piwik version is 1.10.1
Please help to advice how to fix this issue , thank you


can you try with a different browser?

Hi Matt, I tried in IE ,firefox and chrome , in all the browsers i am facing this issue iintermittently. After 2 to 3 attemps i am able to log in to the piwik console.

Thank You

It starts working after 2-3 attemps really? same on all browser?

Hi Matt, Yes true , i am able to login after 2 to 3 attempts on the same browser.

Can you send me a link by email to this forum post + your piwik + login + password? i’d like to see this myself (first time I hear this bug in years)

I’ve the same issue with brand new piwik 1.12
I have varnish->nginx->apache but I can go directly to apache.
In both scenarios the same issue.
I tried to follow the guide Installation - Analytics Platform - Matomo but with no luck.

I hit this with Firefox awhile back and was just because of the web history I had in my browser. Once that was cleared it has not popped up since. Could be unrelated though.

After reading your post I tried opera (which never been used for logging into piwik). Sadly ff, chrome nor opera overcomes this error.

Can you tell if you have set this in your config.ini:
login_logout_url = http://…

same issue i am able to login after 2 to 3 attempts on the same browser