Piwik log-import and exclude-path


i didn’t understand how to use the --exclude-path param for the import_logs.py script.
There are a lot of entries in my server-logs for the piwik subpage: “www.example.com/stats” and i dont want to see this entries in Piwik, so i try to add --exclude-path=/stats or --exclude-path=stats or --exclude-path="/stats" … nothing happens. For every page a user visit i’ve got an entry for “www.example.com/mypage” and “www.example.com/stats/piwik.php…”.
I didn’t find any example by now. Does anyone use this param? What ist the right syntax?

Ok, i got the solution by reading the python script. This param uses wildcards so in my case it should look like --exclude-path=/stats/*. Maybe it is a good idea to add this to the documentation?

Yes good point this should be in the script documentation at the parameter. Can you please add a comment in: Log analytics list of improvements · Issue #3163 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub