Piwik lifecycles/releases - feedback welcome


As i wanted to have a clear idea and some numbers to go through reagrding organizing LTS support for Piwik in the future, I thought it would be useful to have the release dates (and deduct EOL, etc) in one place:

If anyone has feedback to improve this, I’d like to hear about it, don’t hesitate to make changes directly.

There was discussion about this at the last Piwik Meetup in Berlin:

What I would like to have when LTS support is implemented as announced, is something similar to this, for Piwik:



Other issues/ideas to consider:

[li] Keeping backwards compatibility
[/li][li] Aligning with other dependencies/OS (PHP, Debian) lifecycles
[/li][li] Having overlapping times to prepare + allow testing of core but also plugins
[/li][li] Have enough / appropriate beta / RC time
[/li][li] Implement backporting of features/sec. updates

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