Piwik & Joomla: Pages - only "index.php"

Hi folks!

I use Piwik on two websites that are made with joomla.
One function doesn’t work:
To check which sub-pages (articles) my visitors have watched.

  • on one of the two websides, the analysis of “pages” shows only “index.php”
  • on the other websites, the analysis shows weblinks, but not the title of the subpages (articles), instead it shows a very long URL

i integrated the tracking code with a joomla plugin.

I am looking forward to a reply!

hello, i would like you to remember my question. is there anybody who can help me with my problem?

Please post some screenshots to show the problem?

Also, maybe try to include the Piwik JS code directly in your website: does it then work betteR?

hi dear Matt
thanks for an answer!
you can look at the picture of my problem as an attatched file:
[attachment 1331 problem.jpg]

in the “pages”-section, i cannot see the overview about which pages my visitors looked at.
it’s not true that my visitors only look at the index.php, which I know from the “visitor log”-section.

i have tried to include piwik into my website through a joomla module,
and now the code is in the index.php-file of my active template.
both does not work.

what do you suggest?


Did you use the latest plugin?

What version of joomla and what are your server configs?

Hi lesjokolat,

thanks for that you are trying to help me!
I am using exactly the plugin from that link which you posted.

i am not really sure what server configs means.
which information do you need?

Joomla version 2.5.8.
PHP version 5.3.22
MySQL version 5.5.31

Well it should be easy as the plugin i understand simplifies things alot.

Do you have any .htaccess files on the other non index pages?

If you use firebug is there any js errors on the page that could be tripping up piwik on those pages that dont show?

The titles and sub pages are you sure they are being defined as true sub pages and not just articles off the main page?(again firebug would help see which variables are being fired, page title) I am guessing as you mentioned you get long urls maybe its an issue on how the urls are being defined? Im not very versed in joomla but your description makes me guess something like that…