Piwik is a miss

Questions non answered in forum after months, code heavy and uglly, non respect of W3C (Javascript non protected etc.) how can-you expect to fight against Google ?
It is a shame !!!

  1. We mostly work on code but spend several hours per week to answer questions on the forum.
  2. What about the code do you consider “ugly” or “heavy”? You are welcome to submit pull requests. We are an open community so you can contribute.
  3. Remember that all of this is developed in our free time. We do not have (nor want) a company to pay us.

You created a post 11 months ago, which was answered and you were asked to create a ticket in trac.

Fabian, you’re nice to reply to flames, I wouldn’t :)-D

[quote=“Fabian Becker”]
You created a post 11 months ago, which was answered and you were asked to create a ticket in trac.[/quote]that i’ve done, and no answer. My question was; witch url to show only unique visitors numbers monthly curve.

An example of problems generated by Piwik ?
Look at the PIWIK script code tag in this page (with various errors, just try to validate-it !):


Javascript need to be protected in HTML body in order to comply with W3C, you know:

Each time i had installed Pwik in a site, i had to fight against several errors like that, typeof variables errors etc… And because it is a very complicated script, it is painful and time consuming to find where they come from and address them.
I was happy to see an open project to fight against the Google takeover, but hoped-it in the tradition of open source: simple light and effective before gatgets and impressive looking.

Using <![CDATA is HTML4 or XHTML strict. In HTML5 you don’t have to do this so I don’t see a reason to add it to the generator.

Are-you kidding ? The reason why is ‘compatibility’.
Can’t you imagine how long millions sites using cms or not will still present “XHTML 1.0 Transitional//” in their headers ?

By the way-, “&” is not allowed in URLs, and has to be writen “&” you use a lot of proprietary attributes in URL, “format”, “methodtocall”, filterlimit etc.
This is not allowed neither.

Esperado, I’m not a contributor of Piwik, but that doesn’t stop me from telling you that the way you behaved on this forum was very immature.
You claim to be an open source expert but ignore the first common sense rule: "Ask! Not demand!"
I’m 100% sure that constructive criticism is always welcome. But not in this tone. If you are pissed, please sleep a night before you post in a thoughtlessly way.

and of course, if you know how to code properly, we always glad to be taught a lesson, so feel free to contribute and submit pull requests that are interesting and fix some issues you think are shocking. Thanks! See: http://piwik.org/participate/contributing-with-git/

I’m sorry if my post look aggressive, English is not my native language. Just i was disappointed to see my question did not found a solution after one year.
The reason why i do not contribute to such projects is they are mainly used for commercial purpose (stats). and i prefer to work on projects based on communication (mail news and web).
I just wanted to take your attention to W3C compliance: this page, as an example, shows 1 error and 46 warnings with TIDY.