Piwik Iphone Login Error

I recently transferred one of my websites over to a new registrar. The wordpress theme/piwik work great on both the wordpress/piwik backend system. However, when I tried to set up my account with my iphone I used the same address I had before (e.g., www.websitenamehere.com/piwik). I received the following error,

There was an error “A connection failure occured.” The request returned the status “0” url was THIS DOMAIN NAME IS FOR SALE. Please check your entered URL and error logs.

I’m not exactly sure what is going on. I have 2 users on the piwik backend. User # 1 is set to ADMIN. User # 2 (Anonymous) is set to “NO ACCESS”

Does anybody know how to correct this problem? The iphone app was working fine before I migrated everything over and I cannot figure it out. Thanks.

check you’re using latest piwik + latest piwik mobile app ?

I figured out the issue. Apparently I was trying to login to my site using http(s) when I should have been using http.